Megan and her family on the porch of their historic home!

Megan and her family on the porch of their historic home!

Megan is a community leader, environmental health advocate and proud mother of two great middle school kids attending Everett public school. She has spent her career collaborating with community members to address complex issues affecting Snohomish County. Megan spent the last two years leading the successful campaign to establish city council districts for Everett. The Everett Districts Now campaign was a nonpartisan, grassroots coalition dedicated to addressing disparities in representation and giving communities greater participation in the democratic process.


Healthy Communities
Megan is the Healthy People and Communities Program Director with the Northwest Center for Alternatives to Pesticides, where she leads efforts to help protect communities from harmful pesticides and chemicals. Megan has also served on the Everett Human Needs Committee and the 2012 Everett Streets Initiative Task Force.


Champion for the Environment
Megan is a life-long advocate for protecting our environment. She is dedicated to ensuring that all of our communities have access to clean air to breath and fresh water to drink. Megan has studied humpback whales in Massachusetts, taught sign language to gorillas in California, and worked with the Rainforest Action Network. Now, Megan is working with community leaders on implementing Zero Waste efforts across Snohomish County.


Fighting for Working Families
Megan spent 7 years at Service Employees International Union (SEIU) fighting for working families, where she helped secure a citywide contract which included the first ever guaranteed sick days, raises for workers and safer working conditions. Last year, Megan worked together with the Washington State Labor Council and the Farm Worker Coalition to secure funding for a study to better protect farm workers from harmful pesticides.

Megan is a proven leader for public policy changes that improve the lives of our community. She has a bachelor’s degree in Biology-Geology from University of Rochester and a Master of Arts in Policy Studies from University of Washington-Bothell. She lives in Everett with her husband, Ty, and their two kids Carter and Eleanor, a 13-year-old dog, Levi, and an 18-year-old cat Luna.